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We at Sheffield Veterinary Hospital are proud to annouce the start of 15% discount off Senior wellness examinations/preventative diagnostics, run at Sheffield Veterinary Hospital Monday through Friday by appointment.

Our goal is to keep your loved one as healthy and happy for as long as possible; by identifiing illness or disease early when it can still be treated, vs. later when it is more difficult to deal with.  The senior wellness exam/diagnostics includes:  full physical exam, urinalysis, bloodwork profile, cbc and thyroid level.  As well as radiographs of the chest and abdomen.  This information will provide the best opportunity for early identification of any unforseen problems.

Just mention " Keep E'm Healthy" when you come in or when you schedule a senior wellness exam and preventative diagnostics appointment and SVH will discount the final bill by 15%.            *Remember...  keep e'm Healthy for life!*

October Feline Spay Neuter

In the month of October, Sheffield Veterinary Hospital will apply a large discount for all feline spays or neuters for pets under 5 years of age. 

There is a limited time for this benefit to you and space is limited.  Please call today for more details.Active Image

Fall Setting In

With Fall setting in, we need to be aware and prepared for what's best for our pets.

Be careful of the different items your pet can ingest: human food (Thanksgiving dinner off the table), candy, candles, plants, gifts, electric chords.  Often Fall is the time for changing antifreeze in the vehicles.  Make sure all containers holding that poison are sealed or even off the floor so our four-legged friends do not become tempted to drink it. 

Cold weather means the need for fresh water always.  You can purchase an electric water bowl that will keep the water from becoming a block of ice.

Good dog houses that trap the heat in are excellent like the Igloo brand, or insulate by adding cedar chips or straw or dry dog bedding.  If the temperature drops below zero degrees, it's best to bring your pet into a garage area, patio or screened in porch.  Be careful with space heaters as they can be a fire hazzard.

Holiday decorations can also be a source of problems for pets who like to get into them, so use your best judgement.  Let's make this season fun and safe for everyone!

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Digital Radiographs

All your family loved ones (pets) that we see can now be radiographed with state of the art Digital Radiographs.  This new twist on a tried and true diagnostic tool allows our staff and veterinarians to visualize more then ever before on what's happening inside your pets body.

We are committed to move ahead in medical care when it comes to your most important animal friend, they are our friends too.



Feel free to stop by or ask questions about the latest advancements in veterinary medicine we are so proud to offer your pets.  

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